Final assault against the Rajapaksas is ready,Dallas is ready to free the country from nepotism


Politics in Sri Lanka is an inheritance from the father to the children. This is not a feature of a developed society but a tribal feature.

The current president, prime minister, and opposition leader hold those positions because politics has been inherited from father to son. They have no leadership qualities nor functional legitimacy. People in Sri Lanka are politically tribal.

Recently, challenging Rajapaksa’s tribalism, Dallas created a new front called the Freedom People’s Assembly. At present, 13 MPs are involved in it. Thousands of professionals, including the President of Podujana Engineering Peramuna Vijitha Herath, have joined Dallas.

Today, the former president of the National Youth  Council, Lalith Piyum also joined Dallas. Currently, Wimal Weerawansa has launched a new front called the Uttara Sabhagaya. Vimal too supported by a group of parliamentarians. They are a group that move separately but attacks together

Even though the Rajapaksas were ousted, they still control the executive and the legislature. It is their henchmen who run the media. Judges appointed by the Rajapaksas are in the courts. In short, the state is still controlled by the ousted Rajapaksa.

By now, in Parliament, Dulles’s group’s right to speak has been slyly usurped. Ranil has been made a hostage. Due to this situation, the attention of many senior politicians has been focused on going to a parliamentary election as soon as possible.

It was reported to us that several senior politicians are going to join Dulles’s team in the future. The senior politician who gave the information told us that the final assault against the Rajapaksa will be launched after that.