Harassment of Sri Lankans at Male airport is a planned conspiracy?


Maldivian Immigration  Department under President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih is an institution that has been accused of various cases of abuse and corruption. On the 12th of September 2022, a Sri Lankan passport holder arrived at the Male airport from London to visit the Sri Lankan High Commission office.

But Maldivian immigration officials reportedly demanded bribes from the particular  Sri Lankan to clear and allow him to travel to Male. The officer who asked for a bribe has been identified as Halim, his photograph is also attached herewith.

Immigration officer Haleem has said to the Sri Lankan passenger, that paying Maldivian immigration officers and getting quick service is the standard practice for Sri Lankan passengers. Nevertheless, said Sri Lankan not only refused to pay the bribe but also reported the incident to the Sri Lankan Embassy in the Maldives.

Then SL High Commission contacted Maldivian immigration chief “ Mohamed Ahmad Hussain “ and asked for justice. It is worth noting that  Mohamed Ahmad Hussain has been the subject of controversy due to the dubiousness of the educational certificates presented at the enlistment. He is a political appointee of President Solih .

Due to their lack of professionalism, dishonesty, and hidden geo-political agendas, the Sri Lankan passenger had to spend 4 hours in the custody of the immigration officials for nothing. Apparently, immigration harassment is becoming more frequent to Sri Lankan passengers who are traveling to Male, even though Sri Lankans are allowed an on-arrival visa.

There are 49,000 Maldivians living in Sri Lanka on tourist visas, most of them using the full benefits of the Sri Lankan public services, even Maldivian First Ladies family living in Colombo, taking advantage of the Sri Lankan Free National Health Service.

The facts being so, Sri Lankan Foreign Ministry must investigate why the Sri Lankan passport holder was detained by Maldivian immigration without proper reasons and then allows him to Male without any official apology.

What would happen if Sri Lankan Immigration delayed processing Maldivian travelers’ passports and take action against Maldivians over staying in Colombo?

When President Yameen was president, Sri Lankan never had any issues when they were visiting Male, but when President  Ibrahim Mohamed Solih came to power, who is more close to India, now not only openly discriminated against Sri Lankan travelers but also doing various misdeeds.

We asked a senior politician in the Maldives about the harassment taking place of Sri Lankans at the Male Airport. He said The current President  Ibrahim Mohamed Solih is a person who became rich by looting public money and various rackets. Further Millions of properties have been acquired in Sri Lanka from that black money. He said that the current Maldivian President is actually someone who throws stones from a glass house.