Police delighted about the cancelation of the HSZ gazette, designed by the Massive Body No Brain


A senior police officer told us that the Police are very happy about the cancellation of the gazette designing the Colombo Presidential Secretariat and military headquarters as high-security zones.

He said that the establishment of high-security zones was simply passing the ball by the army to the police. He said that it was mare a shameful order and according to that, the police were entrusted to protect the military bases

He also said that the army should take full responsibility for not being able to protect Gotabhaya. He revealed that on 8 July, the army just stayed as a mute spectator when Colombo was besieged by the rebels.

He revealed that on 8th July Army could have operated roadblocks covering the 4 main entries to Colombo city, and the people’s gathering could have been controlled. Accordingly, Gotabaya could have been protected.

The police chief said that the army commander and defense secretary did not give proper leadership to the army. He added that the high-security gazette signed by Ranil was also nothing but said destroyer’s idea.

Top military officials refer, to who holds the highest position in the Ministry of Defense as ‘Massive Body No Brain’. It’s not a name that was given recently, but a name that was echoed from  his training period

Due to the weakness of the Defense Secretary and the Army Commander, Gotabhaya fell to the dustbin of history, which is beyond repair.