Ranil-Ravi moved Umandawa, Food riots turns Upside Down, New Statue of Buddha for the destroyed one by Bornagain cult


American Ambassador Julie Chang was given exclusive patronage to the Galle face terrorism that pulled Srilanka into the fire from the frying pan. Further  LTTE political wing, Muslim extremist groups, and politicians like Anura and Sajith also contributed to it. However, the security forces of this country defeated the coup without shedding single bloodshed.

Even though the Galle face terrorism ended, the conspiracies did not end. They sowed the seeds for famine riots. Denoting a famine the American ambassador even moved to the Tapioca farmlands in the country. Samantha Power went in searching for abandoned paddy fields. She recently called the government minister Susil Premajayant and donated a quantity of grain, in a manner throwing food to animals. It is nothing but feigning a famine that actually does not exist in the country.

Subsequently, Julie Chang called JVP Anura Kumara and briefed him on the shortage of food in the country.  Anura himself forgot that till then he kept saying that “Don’t send a single dollar to Sri Lanka”. Anura announced a famine, in a manner waking up from long sleep. Further, Anura said, hungry people, will move to the streets and  We are ready to lead them.

Simultaneously, a social network campaign was also launched. At the same time, children who said they had no food for weeks, and children who ate coconuts of hunger, were staged dramatically.

Meanwhile, Yesterday  Ravi, who supports the government behind the scenes, went on a revolutionary journey. He accompanied President Ranil to Umandawa  . Umandawa is not only a temple, a farm as well as a brainwashing factory.

The founder of the farm, Samanthabhadra Thero’s slogan is to shake the hands and shake mouths. He demonstrates practically how to eliminate hunger and famine by applying that slogan.

Ranil Ravi’s visit to Umandawa was a slap in the ear to the American ambassador, Anura, and  Sajith who are expecting food riots in the country. On the other hand, it is a profound proclamation that calls people to work.

A group including Dulangali Premadasa, Neomal Perera’s son Ivan Perera and Rehan Jayawickrama otherwise Born again cult recently set fire to Ranil’s house and destroyed the Buddha statue there. Yesterday, Ven.Samantha Badra presented a new Buddha statue for the vacant Buddha statue in Ranil’s house