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Keerthi Rathnayake is an Ex-Military officer, Colombo based Journalist, International Human right activist and Geopolitical Analyst.

Harassment of Sri Lankans at Male airport is a planned conspiracy?

Maldivian Immigration  Department under President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih is an institution that has been accused of various cases of abuse and corruption. On the 12th of September 2022, a Sri Lankan passport holder arrived at the Male airport from London to visit the Sri Lankan High...

Prasanna Ranaweera’s son gone violent,beaten students in hospital, minister’s son at home

In connection with an incident of assaulting two school children in Kiribathgoda, a group including the son of State Minister Prasanna Ranaweera has been arrested by the Kiribathgoda Police and released on police bail. It has been revealed that the car they attacked was a...

Final assault against the Rajapaksas is ready,Dallas is ready to free the country from nepotism

Politics in Sri Lanka is an inheritance from the father to the children. This is not a feature of a developed society but a tribal feature. The current president, prime minister, and opposition leader hold those positions because politics has been inherited from father to...

Every family pays Rs 28000 per month as taxes to the government -Pera Universiy

The average monthly tax burden of a Sri Lankan family is 28,000 rupees, Professor Wasantha Athukorala of Peradeniya University's Department of Economics and Statistics said yesterday. He said that a poor person in Sri Lanka will be given 4,500 rupees as Samurdi subsidy and 6,675 rupees...

Threatening and asking for ransom from Ayoma Rajapakse is an inside job?

A person has been arrested on suspicion of demanding a ransom of 10 lakhs from the wife of Gotabhaya, who was deposed by the people. We asked for clarity from one investigative officer regarding this matter. He said that there may be a different story...

The police attack on JVP youths is a deal made by Anura and Tiran!

Dasun Rukshan Gamlath is an active character on Facebook. He made a controversial note about the police attack on the JVP-led protest yesterday. Read the excerpt below. Tiran Alas is a close friend of Anura Kumara. In 2010, Tiran Alas came to parliament on the...

Why Ranjan leaked voice tapes to Hiru channel?

Ranjan was charged with contempt of court because of a statement that he made to the media. Its first episode was reported on August 21, 2017.  Ranjan said that the majority of judges and lawyers in Sri Lanka are corrupt. Further, he said, Justice...

The Ministership of Tax Collection, to Mahindananda

It has been proposed to form a new ministry including Income Tax Department, Excise Department, and Customs. Further, the hair-raising speech made by Mahindananda at the parliament about tax compliance has a connection with this proposal. Mahindananda's speech explained how businessmen avoid paying taxes. Further...

The Rajapaksa’s have cheated the most sacred Gotambe Vihara!

According to the head of the temple, a big crack has emerged from the middle of the historical Gatambe temple. This temple is located next to the banks of Mahaweli river. The reason why the temple It's going to slide is there was no...

No Rajapaksas at Shavendra’s funeral !

Yesterday President Ranil attended to pay his last respects to Shavendra's father. But seemingly not attending Rajapaksas to the funeral has become a hot topic now. On the day Gota returned to Sri Lanka from Thailand, Shavendra and Kamal went to Mirihane's house. But Gota...